Here’s What our Customers Have to Say….

I want to thank you for your quick response to the air conditioning problem in my condo at Mission Lakes.  Your service was prompt and well done.  I will be sure to inform my neighbors of the excellent service I received from Global Air Conditioning in the event that they might have a future need for you services as well.  Thanks again.

~David Lariviere

“We’ve used Global Air Conditioning on two homes in the past. Due to time constraints, we made the foolish decision to go with a company other than Global Air Conditioning when replacing the old AC units in a home we recently bought. Because the other company did a sloppy job on the installation with unprofessional technicians, we went through more than a year of call backs, nonworking units and endless frustration. We finally gave up and called Global Air Conditioning. Even though these units were not installed by them, they have treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism. They fixed all of the equipment and installation issues. We will never, ever use or recommend any company other than Global Air Conditioning!”

~ Paul and Paula Drake

   Venice, FL

We finally replaced our old A/C unit with a new Bryant unit. We decided on the Evolution Conner thermostat so that we could control our homes temperature by wifi when we aren’t home and pre set temperature for night hours vs. daytime.  Seeing that we have pets, we also purchased the Remi-Halo air purifier. Wow!! Immediately, we smelled and felt a huge difference. The crew were all friendly, professional, knowledgable and got the job done quickly. I had no idea how much of a difference a new A/C would make. I feel like I’m in a brand new home! Thanks Global Air!!!

~ Edie Hanson

My air conditioning was not working this morning and I woke up in a panic trying to get it fixed before work. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The gentlemen that came to my home on such short notice was fantastic. Very helpful, kind, and fair. Thank you.

~ Leah Hazelton

Big thank you to Global Air Conditioning for being a great local business. Jeff helped us out 5 years ago when our unit was on it’s last legs. It held on long enough until we could get a new unit.. never forgot his help. So, before the summer gets too hot, we signed up for their maintenance plan and they gave us our unit and air handler a good cleaning! Corey was very professional and I appreciate how easy it was to set this up with Heather. Thank you guys!!

~ Michael Michele Lamond

Thank you Global Air for your quick and awesome service! We just got power restored after Hurricane Irma and they were out in no time to help us with our AC. Top notch local family owned business… Thanks Again!

~ Kimberly Suite LeBlanc