A heat pump is the best way to heat your swimming pool in North Venice, FL and surrounding areas.  Despite a higher upfront cost, pool heat pumps quickly pay for themselves in energy efficiency, longevity, and superior performance.  You’re going to spend less every month to enjoy ideal water temperature. Call on the licensed professionals from Global Air Conditioning, Inc. to analyze your specific swimming pool and fix your heat pump.

Expert Pool Heat Pump Service

At Global Air Conditioning, Inc., we don’t rely on generalization, but take into careful consideration the surface area of the pool, wind exposure, humidity levels, nighttime temperatures, and disparity between ideal pool and average air temperature.  We make sure your pool heat pump maintains consistent temperature, all season, for half the cost of a gas or propane heater. Lengthy warranties and double the service life of conventional heaters adds up to a smart investment. If you need service on an existing pool heat pump, call on Global Air Conditioning, Inc. at 941-488-7776. We continue a tradition of honesty and build long-term relationships with our customers across Nokomis, Laurel, Venice, Osprey, Bee Ridge, Sarasota Springs, Fruitville, South Sarasota, Southgate & Sarasota, FL.